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OUR STORY Back in 2013 in a family reunion, I was sitting in the backyard and my nephews, nieces, and other kids friends of our Cruz family were kicking the ball. I offered to set up an scrimmage for them and saw all of them enjoying the game. I said: let’s make a soccer team with out knowing where I was heading into and that decision built a soccer club together. Our name is related to famous soccer cartoon called super champions where one of the top players in the story was playing, Piemonte, a team and a place in Italy. I had to choose a name and lots of names came up in my mind but I focus on choosing one that no team in Oregon or maybe USA had already. I choose FC Piamonte, I remember our first practice, about 8 show up, nephews, nieces, siblings. After that practice, more and more kids where joining and when I noticed I was having about 60 players already, different ages, had to split them into appropriate ages, I remember I coached 5 teams. It was crazy but I was so happy learning and enjoying coaching. But everyone knew I needed help, time pass by and parents and coaches who liked our way of thinking about the game join me to help. That was great. More and more families where looking to join teams and that is when I knew I had a big responsibility behind my back. The idea of becoming a independent club was in my head more and more. As many of you know you have to be part of a club or have your own club to be able to play league and tournaments. That was difficult times, our first umbrella club was david Douglas soccer club(2014-2018) our 2nd umbrella club was River Premier soccer Club(2018-2019 season)our 3rd umbrella soccer club and recently was Santos FC(2019-2020 season) after trying years to become and independent club, we finally did(April 2020)under USClub. For many people 2020 will be remember as one of the worse years, but for FC Piamonte will be remember as the year we became independent and not just that, is also the year we franchise Atlas FC for developing our Future for the better and better. In 2021 we were also aproved by oregon youth soccer association to be able to play USYouth and OYSA sanctioned league and tournaments(this is great) A big thank you to all the coaches, assistants, team parents, parents, players, and lots of people who help me and are helping to make FC Piamonte a soccer club who cares about the community and the well being of lots of young soccer players. Big thank you to all of you. With out you all, this was not possible but the reality says, it is possible and everything is possible, follow your dreams, work hard for it, the now and future is yours, get the most out of it.

Heladio Cruz
FC Piamonte Founder and Director. 

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